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What feeds your soul?

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Creative Truth--The creation of Childbirth: Journey Through Flame and Water

Childbirth: Journey Through Flame and Water is the result of my Custom Request service. Usually custom requests are the sole property of the requestor and remain private. In this case, through the generosity of a very special client, I have permission to share this powerful visualization.

Every visualization I create is part intention and part spiritual channeling. In this case, I started with a specific intention, the custom request, and then opened my heart for whatever might show up.

Sometimes it can take days [or even weeks] for a visualization to start forming. Other times, a visualization seems to breathe through...

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Honoring Grief

I've just uploaded a new meditation called, "Honoring Grief". 

This new meditation is part of my work's evolution as I experiment with the nuances of meditation, visualization, mindfulness, and channeling messages of love and light.

Throughout my life there have been two constants: writing and public speaking. As I honor this new phase of my life and work, I am giving free reign to however Spirit chooses to express through me via these two great passions of mine.

Honoring Grief came to me a few weeks ago as I was sitting at the living room window watching eagles soar above the water. There was something so powerful and majestic about...

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"Coaching with Bethany gives me such clarity and makes me feel like the world is mine for the taking!" Sabin R.
"Our team guided visualization session with Bethany was meaningful, helpful, and relaxing!" Brett H.
"What a beautifully peaceful and inspiring visualization! Each time I listen to your visualizations I am reminded of strength that is within me. My inner peace is once again centered and my intentions for life or just that day are more grounded. Thank you for connecting me, back to the me that lives within." Susan B.
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